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Riccione it's not just the sea, beaches, shopping and nightlife, but it's a gateway to the history, culture, nature and food and wine itineraries of the Romagna hinterland, in the direction of Montefeltro and Valmarecchia. The surroundings of Riccione and the hinterland of Rimini more generally, are made up of a crown of hills that crosses the characteristic and rocky Valmarecchia up to the gentler and more luxuriant Valconca towards the south, in an area that reaches the border of the Marche region... an area full of charm historically known as the Signoria dei Malatesta. This area full of charm and history offers its patrons many small villages and towns of unique beauty.

It is a small town and medieval village perched on the hills of the Conca Valley, in the
immediate vicinity of the border with the Marches. Among the buildings to visit we recommend you
the Rocca Malatestiana and the adjacent Piazza Maggiore. 
Montefiore Basin
The town is the medieval capital of the Conca Valley 
and one of the villages

Malatesta arrived almost intact today and more

charm, so much so that it has been placed among the most beautiful villages in Italy. 
It is a small village on the border between Romagna and Marche, or rather among the ancients
territories of the Malatesta and Montefeltro.

In the Rimini area, this municipality of Montescudo retains many traces of domination
Malatesta, such as the massive city walls and the civic tower from the 1300s. 
Poggio Berni
Also this ancient village of Valmarecchia, whose origins date back even
to the Bronze Age and which experienced splendor in the Renaissance. 
Saint Archangel of Romagna
Historic Renaissance village and still a lively cultural centre, the town of Sant'Arcangelo is an almost obligatory stop for anyone passing through Romagna. 
Montebello and its castle
The village with its castle offers the perfect theater for the legend

by Azzurrina, as well as a breathtaking view of the Valmarecchia. 
The town with its medieval village is located in the heart of Valmarecchia, offers its
visitors a spectacular panorama, embracing the Romagna coast and the Apennines. 
Not far from Riccione you can also visit: 
Marche city between the capitals of the Renaissance and international art, is only
an hour's drive from Riccione and here it is possible to visit the Palazzo Ducale, the home
birthplace of Raphael and numerous other buildings of great artistic and cultural value. 
Its famous fortress, which dominates the Romagna coast on a hill, is a real jewel
of medieval architecture, in addition to the fact that it houses the story of Dante's love
between Paolo and Francesca. 
San Leo
It is a famous medieval village, whose fortress is built on a rock spur with
a single access road and which was the prison of a famous and controversial character
historian, the Count of Cagliostro. 

Republic of San Marino
Perched on Monte Titano and set in an area between Romagna

and Marche, offers its visitors the route that connects the Three Towers.

From its summit you can admire breathtaking scenery and every day

it's half of hundreds of tourists.

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